A first batch of French translations was imported to the Getty AAT in September 2022. 

  • A SPARQL-query retrieved non-translated concepts from the Getty AAT
  • Professional translators translated concepts and descriptions
  • Translations were checked by domain experts and sources (e.g. PACTOLS-thesaurus)

The translated concepts  include styles, historic periods, materials, objects and so on: croix celtiques, chalcolithique, franco-saxon, néo-impressionisme, limbourgeois, art cinétique etc. 


1500 Translations

The BEINFRAT-project will contribute to the AAT with the translation of 1000 concepts and scope notes, from English into French.

BEINFRAT is an official contributor to the Getty AAT. A list of AAT contributors can be found here: 

Contributors to Getty Vocabularies (Getty Research Institute)

AAT Translation Initiative


SARI, the Suiss Art Research Institute, developed a collaborative platform for the translation of English AAT concepts and scope notes in French. The BEINFRAT-project is a priviliged partner of the SARI-translation tool:

Presentation of the project at the International Terminology Working Group Meeting
6-7 February 2020
Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles

meeting report

Mid-term meeting Paris
16 December 2019
INHA, Paris

meeting report

28 May 2019
Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, Brussels

meeting report